My Love Affair With Stephen King (Sonja’s 1st Log)

Posted: June 25, 2015 in Sonja's Entries

For our inaugural Terminatryx Blog post, vocalist Sonja takes a look at her love of reading and one of her favourite authors, Stephen King:

1st Log
– Sonja Ruppersberg

Sonja RuppersbergGrowing up I have always been an avid reader.  It was the one thing I was good at in school.  I always made the “A” reading circle in primary school and the public library was truly a magical space for me.  When I was a child our bed time stories were Greek Mythology.   My mom used to read to us from the “Skat Kis” (“Treasure Chest”) series of books.  In an era where we did not have satellite TV, cell phones and Internet, the library was the place to go for information and fantasy.

My primary school years were spent in the library.  I was, and to an extent am still a true nerd. Most activities took place in the school library.  I was both a member of the chess team and the debating team.  The chess club played in the school library and the debating team met there. If you were an outcast on the schoolyard at breaks, the library would be the place to hang.

Back then I read a lot, mostly Afrikaans (my first language).  My favourite books were the Saartjie Baumann books written by Bettie Naudé (who was actually GC Smith, also known as Topsy Smith) I completely lost myself in these books. And most of my free time and weekends were taken up by these books. I must have read the entire series twice or even three times.

When I was in Grade 8 (Std 6) my dad gave me Stephen King’s Misery to Stephen Kingread.  I was incredibly intimidated by this book, as you can imagine it was a bit of a departure from Saartjie Baumann(!).

It was the Easter School break and I remember it being a cold rainy day when I decided to pick up the book.  I read that book without taking a break, I hardly slept, I was too scared.  In 48 hours I was done and I felt like I was in another world for two days.  I was a changed person….

I instantly and immediately fell in love with the author and the library could almost not keep up with my demand for his novels (from Salem’s Lot, Cujo, The Shining, Carrie, Pet Semetery, It, Tommy Knockers, Needful Things, his Bachman books etc.).    By this stage I had developed a big crush on Stephen King, and I must admit that everything I knew of the world, love, lust, sex and human behaviour, at that time, I got from him through his novels.  I could relate to some of the characters.  A character that still stands out to me is Arnie Cunningham from Christine, with his bad acne and low self-esteem, boy could I relate….! My love for Stephen King, the genre and even the places his novels takes place in has stayed with me.

As the years have gone by Stephen and I grew apart somehow and through my tertiary education years I got hooked on other authors like Douglas Adams, Tom Wolfe, Clive Barker, Tom Robbins etc.  Lately most of my time is taken up with academic books.  I still get excited when my parcel from UNISA arrives and I cannot wait to get my books.   While I absolutely love studying, I have realized how much I have missed my favourite writer.

For me Stephen King will always be like a “first love” and I have decided to rekindle my love affair. Mick Garris, a writer-producer-director acquaintance of my husband Paul, is a friend of Stephen King (and adapted much of his work for film and TV), and this connection has prompted me to start up where I left off with Stephen’s novels.  I have loads to catch up on and am so looking forward to it.

Perhaps one day I can meet the man and proudly say “I have read everything you have written”.

  1. Sonja says:

    Thank you to Paul, for creating this Blog…I loveit

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  2. Jesse says:

    My mother is a die hard Stephen King fan so when I was about 13 she gave me “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon” which absolutely terrified the crap out of me but after that horror stories and movies became like a thing my mom and I did together which was really cool. There is something really special about Stephen King though. I have read a lot of horror authors over the years and King’s stories have a way of snuggling into your brain and staying there forever – he is truly remarkable..

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